Paper Finishes, Weight Types and Paper Sizes Explained



Stock refers to the material, card or paper, which your leaflet, business card, poster, flyer, letterheads, postcard or brochure is printed on.


Which Stock?

Each of our products list the associated popular stock options available. If you would like GlosPrint to print on an alternative stock option not listed then please contact GlosPrint with your specific requirements and we will advise accordingly based on GlosPrint’s extensive printing experience.


Coated or Uncoated Paper and Card?

The coated paper and card GlosPrint offers come in a silk or gloss finish (also called satin).Finishing is smooth. Coated paper and card is perfect for all your projects needs which require a high quality finish such as flyer printing, brochures, posters, leaflet printing, postcards and presentation folders.

Standard uncoated paper has no coating and is less smooth as coated paper. GlosPrint offer a premium 120gsm smooth paper grade ( uncoated paper ) as standard on our compliment slips and letterhead products, which is of a higher quality than a standard 100gsm uncoated and benefits from a smooth finish.


Gloss or Silk Paper and Card?

A gloss finish has a shiny surface which is not recommended for writing on.

A silk finish has a matt finish and is suitable for writing on with most pens.


Gloss and Matt Laminate finish?

Business cards are usually printed with a matt or gloss laminate finish. However, this finish is available to a number of our other products. This finish gives the product a laminate coating and will give your product a quality texture, its durability will help protect from general wear and tear and marks. A matt laminate gives a soft luxury satin finish that is smooth to touch. A gloss laminate is ultra-shiny and can bring out the colour in designs.


What is the difference between 130gsm, 170gsm, 300gsm and 400gsm?

These indicate the thickness of paper and card by weight in grams per square metre (GSM or GM).

  • a postcard or high quality business card is 400gsm.
  • a flyer ranges from 130gsm - 300gsm
  • a high quality letterhead is 120gsm,
  • a leaflet, (takeaway menu) 130gsm
  • Fax and photocopier paper is 80gsm,


Some manufacturer's 130gsm paper could be slightly firmer or bulkier than others. Uncoated papers tend to be bulkier than their coated alternatives, the GSM rating indicates how firm or dense the paper will be. GlosPrint can provide samples, upon request.


Can I print on to the products using a Home/office printer?

GlosPrint compliment slips and letterheads are printed onto premium grade uncoated paper and we guarantee that these products can be printed on most inkjet and laser printers.

Unless specifically requested, GlosPrint’s coated stock cannot be printed on an inkjet or laser printer. 

GlosPrint Paper Sizes Explained


'A' sizes

'A' sizes are the most common in the UK and Europe.

'A' size paper is relatively inexpensive and this is because they are widely used and many printers are optimised for handling them.



Perfect For


841 mm x 1189 mm



594 mm x 841 mm



420 mm x 594 mm

posters, calendars


297 mm x 420 mm

posters, calendars, 'tabloid' magazines


210 mm x 297 mm

stationery, books, annual reports


148 mm* x 210 mm

personal stationery, books, brochures, leaflets


148 mm 105 mm

postcards, leaflets, invitations, booklets


105 mm 74 mm


(*often set to 148.5 mm wide)

The height and width are in the ratio one to the square root of two the proportion of the sheets remains the same. This feature makes it very simple to adapt one design for several different purposes (for example a postcard, leaflet and poster).


Other commonly used size based on the 'A' size system is one third of 'A4' (99 x 210 mm). Two thirds of +'A4' (198 x 210 mm) is also sometimes used as is the square size 210x210mm. There is also 'A00' (or '2A') at 1189 x 1682 mm.


If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer and explain any queries you may have.


What is the most popular printing products bought by customers ?

This is easy to answer, definitely 100% it would be Flyer printing or Leaflet printing or even our cheap business cards.